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☼ YOU ARE...

... thoughtful, inclusive, empathetic, playful, & adventuresome.

... someone who likes to flip things on their head & do things your way.

… someone who appreciates beauty in wedding photography but ultimately craves the captured moment.

... someone who makes loving choices, whether it's the choice to be rooted in family rituals or throw a wedding that's re-invented by design, you believe weddings can be whatever you will them to be.

... moved by the creative world & values authentic photos that trigger feeling.

... likely exhausted from searching for a wedding photographer, only to find more of the same  —  until now.



☽ I AM...

... intense about my love of art, music, & Los Angeles history. When I'm not taking photographs for work or for play, you'll find me watching a band play in a dark bar somewhere or strolling the streets of Los Angeles, thinking about the power of Place.

... a feminist, a small business owner, & the daughter of a Cuban-Chinese immigrant who came to the U.S. seeking a better tomorrow. To be a business owner, like my mother, brings me great pride.

... romantic, but not precious. I instinctively search for beauty, but desire meaning & functionality.

... earnest & focused, yet easily recognizes when to laugh at myself.

... mischievous & always in the mood for a good party (my favorite kinds are house parties/motel parties).

... someone who wants to link up with like-minded individuals who crave to make their wedding-day experience their own.

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ABOVE IMAGES— Left: Los Angeles Palms, by Gina Clyne / Middle: Me on my wedding day (2017), by Linda Abbott / Right: Joshua Tree Pool, by Gina Clyne